On Libra

An extract from Mark’s new book, The Ruby Heart of the Dragon

The restless passion of Libra, as Jones and Rudhyar noted, is aching to free trapped consciousness and liberate pent-up spirit. But like stoic Lady Justice holding her balance scales, the sedate part of Libra strives to impassively stand for lofty notions and high ideals.

Inside each Libra, rationale wrestles with impulse, the raw tussles with the refined, hot emotion strives with cool detachment, and the need to push the river vies with the caution to stay dry well up on the bank. When Librans get in trouble it’s either because they lean so far to one side they fall over, or because both sides attain such equal balance they produce stasis.
Though it may fuss and fume about it, Libra is usually better off with the irritation of imbalance than to have its scales settled too long, because excess balance can castrate or neuter the wild creativity out of this sign.

Rather than the smooth certainty of a predictable ride, the rough road is usually best for Libra because the bumps and potholes keep it on the edge of its seat. In the art of turning yourself on (as with other arts), an artist needs to stay wild inside. They need to keep their muse alive by honing an edge of divine dissatisfaction, continuing to challenge themselves and push boundaries of what’s been done before and bringing something original to the table.

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