Awakening from Amnesia: New Moon Eclipse in Libra

A solar eclipse in the middle of the month (October 14 at 1:55 pm Eastern) summons you to awaken from amnesia and blow up false patterns of relationship. This is the message of 22° Libra, where the New Moon Eclipse takes place.


Around the world this year, with the Dragon’s Tail in Libra, the call is going out for Authentic Camaraderie, but you can’t evolve your relationships with others to that extent until you do the same with your relationship to yourself.


The Dragon’s Tail, aka South Node of the Moon, marks the old karma we have to turn around to open the bright future.


The amnesia that’s threatening to destroy our planet and our species is that we’ve forgotten we’re made of love, and fallen for the illusion that we’re here to keep everything going the way it is rather than live our lives in the service of what we cherish.


When you awaken to the love you’re made of, you shake the halls of false power that have taken over world government, education, medicine, and media.


Opposite the Dragon’s Tail in Libra is the Aries path to a bright clear future that opens when we establish right relationship with ourselves.


Overcoming the false self restores authentic selfhood, which in turn evolves into authentic camaraderie, and right now we need all the true friends, collaborators, cohorts, and lovers we can gain to clear away the Not-Love version of human society and get back to what we learned in the Sixties, that love is lord of all.

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