From Cat to Dragon: Wrapping up the immediate to get to the Gigantic

Between now and February, we’re stalking the last half of the Year of the Cat. Some eastern countries see this year as a cat, some as a rabbit. Most people in the West only think of it as a Rabbit, but I’m more tuned into cats than rabbits.

This is the only animal year with two different animals.

In February, the New Moon in Aquarius will launch the Year of the Dragon, so we’ll spring from one of the smallest and most affectionate animals to the most gigantic, from the here-and-now immediacy of life to the galactic scale of who you are and what you’ve come to do in the greatest scheme of things.

Cats thrive on intuition and vibe.

They’re the best for tuning into the hidden energy of things, which indicates that any choices and decisions you face now and in the next six months may be handled better by vibe and intuition than by analytical intellect and raw power.

Sharpening your reading of the vibe in the most immediate contexts of love, work, health, friendship and family between now and February is essential, for when the Dragon takes off you don’t want to be tethered by detail after detail, but take off like a rocket into the Big Dream of your soul.

With 7 out of 15 planets now retrograde the pressure’s on to look inward to be sure that whatever you’re doing outward is aligned with your soul. Retrogrades send energies down into hidden zones like nightly dreams, unexpressed feelings, and withheld emotion.

If you’re blocked on the external, take time out before forging ahead to look in and get catly cozy with what’s going on inside you till it feels right.

Check in with your deep knowing, which may have something much different to tell you than what your inner taskmaster and social ego have to say.

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