Turning Karma into Grace


In 2007, with the help of my wife, Marcella Eversole, I founded the College of Visionaries & Wizards, an international school that uses interactive online classes to teach people to read birth charts by the soul. Our three-year certification program meets two semesters per year, and not only offers a magical new way to read charts but also a new way to live.


Our annual Tribal Drumbeat membership provides monthly and seasonal courses taught by myself and graduate students as part of member benefits that include free readings and other perks.


Your Sun Sign empowers you to shine your creative purpose into the world.

Join me and our band of spiritual outlaws as we explore the twelve-part art of being human. Based on my new book The Ruby Heart of the Dragon: Sun Signs for our Times, I'll draw upon my thirty years of depth counseling others through astrology of the soul, to explode sun-sign clichés and present a wholly original take on the zodiac.

If you join our annual Tribal Drumbeat season for 2023-2024 this course is included in your membership.

Dismantling the Machine of Self-Nagation to Uncover the Sweetness of Life

Beneath the strange changes and perplexing challenges of our time lies the realm of the soul, or core nature, of human beings. In modern times we've gotten stranded in lives led far from the soul. Commercial civilization has done everything in its power to turn each of us against ourselves, which makes excellent consumers but incomplete human beings.

The extent to which humanity has turned against itself is so prevalent that it's become invisible.

When you awaken to the ways you've gotten inadvertently turned against yourself, and untwist that twist, life's basic sweetness arises from within you and all around you.

I will dismantle the machinery of self-negation, using a method I call StarJazz, which combines my original songs with lecture and dialogue.

6 week course: $295. Starts in 2024 - March 2nd - 23 & April 6 -13  on Saturdays, 3:30 - 5 pm Eastern

If you join our annual Tribal Drumbeat season for 2023-2024 this course is included in your membership.