Dragon’s Head in Aries: Getting Down to the Point

Last month the Dragon’s Head, or north node of the Moon, shifted from Taurus, where it had been for a year and a half, to Aries, where it will be for the next year and a half, amping up the slow steady Taurus energy with the strong, clear, self-directed energy of Aries.

During the last 18 months, if you’ve tried to get someplace and been slowed, the good news is things are energizing from the gradual contemplative realm of Taurus, whereas Aries gets to the point, stays on the point, and eliminates superfluous details.

The stronger, simpler, and clearer you can get now about goals, intentions, destinations and relationships, the more you’ll align with the Head of the Dragon, which always points the way forward.

Aries draws you forward when you live life more like dowsing than like a debate. Trusting the strong forward motion like a dowser trusts the tingling in their forearms, you can follow a clear course of basic elemental straightforwardness, even though it may improvisationally wind and turn, blazing a clear path through a tangled time.

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