Saturn Recall During the Dark God’s Passage

Tapping the deepest source to release the truest power

On Nov 4 Saturn goes direct in the first degree of Pisces. Saturn is the voice of Authority. In Soul Level Astrology that voice originates in the soul.

According to Rudolf Steiner, after you died in your last life you advanced through a series of counsels with each of your planetary guides, until you came to Saturn, where you established reasons why you’d come back again. Then you came back into this life.


When your life veers away from those prenatal vows, Saturn puts up roadblocks. When you align with those vows Saturn lifts the gates.


Deep inside you is an ocean of love that sources your journey from spirit to flesh and back again. Saturn turning direct in Pisces opens a deep channel for you to remember who you are. When you remember who you are on that level, your purpose becomes synonymous with your nature.

You’re here to live the love that you are in your own unique way which requires tapping the Piscean Sea of Incarnation and drawing mystic power out of the spiritual planes into your daily life.


During Pluto’s retreat from Aquarius to Capricorn between last June and next January, tapping this source requires facing showdowns with Power. Much of the way Power gets used in the modern world is False Power; today we have our work cut out for us to even begin to conceive some kind of Authentic Power.

Here’s a hint: True Power gives. False Power takes. True Power is generative. False Power is needy.


The 20-year period we entered during Spring Equinox this year is drawing us into the Aquarian Age, which we’ve been trying to inhabit since the 1960s. To actually live the World of Love we fought for then, we have to confront everything in its way.

Eruptions of False Power are breaking out all over the globe now so we can see what they’re made of and dismantle their machinery that lives inside us.

Love is the only true power.

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