Mark Borax

Image by Angu Walters and Evanson Mein

2024: Pluto in Aquarius in the Flight of the Dragon

By Mark Borax / January 9, 2024 /

Two main factors dominate the cosmic weather of the new year; one occurs every twelve years, and the other about every 250 years. Let’s begin with the more frequent: the flight of the dragon. Oriental animal years are based on commonly-known beasts such as rats, oxen, tigers, cats and so forth, except for the exception…

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Septiles and Quincunxes Galore

By Mark Borax / December 21, 2023 /

The month, December 2024, began with septiles and quincunxes galore. A septile is a 51°4′ angle between two planets, one of the hardest to deal with. Septiles indicate the heaviest karma your soul has been dragging around. Quincunxes are 150° angles and are the second hardest to resolve.   The gift of septiles and quincunxes…

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Saturn Recall During the Dark God’s Passage

By Mark Borax / November 3, 2023 /

Tapping the deepest source to release the truest power On Nov 4 Saturn goes direct in the first degree of Pisces. Saturn is the voice of Authority. In Soul Level Astrology that voice originates in the soul. According to Rudolf Steiner, after you died in your last life you advanced through a series of counsels…

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Awakening from Amnesia: New Moon Eclipse in Libra

By Mark Borax / October 11, 2023 /

A solar eclipse in the middle of the month (October 14 at 1:55 pm Eastern) summons you to awaken from amnesia and blow up false patterns of relationship. This is the message of 22° Libra, where the New Moon Eclipse takes place.   Around the world this year, with the Dragon’s Tail in Libra, the…

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On Libra

By Mark Borax / October 4, 2023 /

An extract from Mark’s new book, The Ruby Heart of the Dragon The restless passion of Libra, as Jones and Rudhyar noted, is aching to free trapped consciousness and liberate pent-up spirit. But like stoic Lady Justice holding her balance scales, the sedate part of Libra strives to impassively stand for lofty notions and high…

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