Diving Headlong Into The Mystery

Since Pluto resumed its 20-year excursion through Aquarius at the end of last month, and the New Moon in Aquarius on February 9th launches the Year of the Dragon, the Water Bearer has become the Sign of Our Time.


All this Aquarian energy summons one of the main themes of the sign: the contrast between trusting the mind’s ability to depend on logic and information, and turning to the soul’s wisdom to dive headlong into Mystery.


Uranus, currently in Taurus, presides over the highest dimension of consciousness, a level few people access without medicine journeys.


On that level I sense a collective dream gathering force like a mystic cloud preparing to rain down on the parched spirit of our time.


With Pluto churning the collective waters of Aquarius it behooves us to balance the massive weight of “facts” trumped up by media with a burgeoning awareness that people all over the world are sick to death at being ruled by obsolete forces and are aching for something healthy and whole.


The last time Pluto moved through Aquarius was during the international revolutions of the 18th century that replaced monarchies with representative governments.


But the current state of those governments has grown so bloated with corruption that some may now be worse than monarchies, and need new revolutions.


When the Dragon spreads its wings the call goes out around the world to dream big and fly high.


When we combine the often-acute mental perceptions of inventive Aquarius with the knowledge of the heart, we may bring about the full dawning of the Aquarian Age, where the truth that we all belong together in this Earth may preside over the excarnational forces trying to remove us.



Image by Andrejs Pidjass

Image by Andrejs Pidjass

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