CWRlive! Why Reality Trumps Perfection: Healing the Galactic Virus

Weekly Cosmic Weather Report
Live from Putney Mountain, Vermont
March 31, 2020



The Galactic Virus does to the psyche what cancer does to the body: turns you against yourself. The virus spread during the industrial revolution, when people began to compare themselves to faraway standards. Women in Kansas felt inferior to women in Berlin, London and Paris if they couldn’t afford to wear fashions being promoted in those places, that new developments in printing brought into American homes.

If your grandfather was a shoemaker, your father was, and you started out that way but then had to sell your tools and go work in a shoe factory, when industrialization set in. People stopped making things with their hands, stopped living close to themselves, and the virus spread.

I talk about how to create an antidote, and how reality trumps perfection.

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