Cosmic Weather Report April 2020: Jupiter Conjunct Pluto -The Great Unmasking

By Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax
Putney Mountain,Vermont

On April 5 Jupiter and Pluto converge, as they do June 29 and November 12, exposing the False Self that took over the world when we weren’t looking.

Pluto is the Great Awakener who shakes disguises off and activates deeper life force trapped below. Jupiter’s job is to lift you out of limited mindsets and deliver a vision of your optimal destiny as the future you’d activate by following the true call of your soul rather than settling for a lesser path.

With these potent forces combining three times this year, a great unmasking is occurring, to strip the illusion of our time away from the true nature and destination of our species.

The true nature of humanity is love. Our true destination is to live that love. Historical visionaries have told us this but we haven’t done a good job of listening. Instead of following the call of the soul we’ve been messing around with costumes and masks.

Unless you’re claiming the full measure of love packed into you you’re wearing a mask. Unless you’re following the truth of your soul you’re wearing a costume that doesn’t look artificial because everyone else is wearing the same suit.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto is making it unbearable throughout 2020 to maintain the charade. The global pandemic is stripping away false selves from the raw vital beings hidden below. Whether you take this as apocalyptic or resurrectional depends on how invested in the old identity you remain, and how willing to believe that something vitally real can emerge from the Death of Everything That Never Worked Right in the First Place.

Images by Penabranca, Serpentfire and Xsullo.
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