Awakening from Amnesia: New Moon Eclipse in Libra

By Mark Borax / October 11, 2023 /

A solar eclipse in the middle of the month (October 14 at 1:55 pm Eastern) summons you to awaken from amnesia and blow up false patterns of relationship. This is the message of 22° Libra, where the New Moon Eclipse takes place.   Around the world this year, with the Dragon’s Tail in Libra, the…

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On Libra

By Mark Borax / October 4, 2023 /

An extract from Mark’s new book, The Ruby Heart of the Dragon The restless passion of Libra, as Jones and Rudhyar noted, is aching to free trapped consciousness and liberate pent-up spirit. But like stoic Lady Justice holding her balance scales, the sedate part of Libra strives to impassively stand for lofty notions and high…

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