Sun conjunct Venus: Returning to the Source

During the whole month of June this year the Sun remains in conjunction with Venus, opening a channel for you to touch into the radiant center of your being. The Sun in astrology stands for your full blossoming, your maximum shine. Venus is your sacred inner sanctuary.


Venus conjunctions, unlike Mars conjunctions, only become activated when you respond to their invitation. They won’t force themselves on you. If you fail to enter and inhabit Sun-Venus, the conjunction will remain dormant, a tinge in the air hinting of something more.


But if you tune in and follow that tinge to its source, the inner bounty sleeping in your soul will reenergize you, releasing creative forces, and at this time on planet Earth we need all the help we can get because values, meaning and truth have gotten distorted, leaving millions of people stranded far from themselves.


Your soul chose to depart spirit and reenter the physical plane for one reason: To discover your life art and let it shine.


Some people insist they’re not creative, not artists, but I think they just haven’t touched in deeply enough with their inner source to discover the art of their life. Becoming who you are is a lifelong art whose clues are found in the eccentric way you look at things, think about things, and do things. Now’s the time.

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