Cosmic Weather Report February 2020: The Guard Dog of Critical Mind

By Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax
Putney Mountain,Vermont

Through February the asteroid Juno presides, lining up on the opposite side of the sky from the other fourteen planets. Juno regulates Critical Mind, discerning consciousness, the razor-sharp intellect, which, like a powerful guard dog, is an instrument that must be freed from its destructive tendencies to its higher form of service.

When the guard dog becomes adrenalized, lashing out at imperfections of self and other, we get flagellated by the dark side of this asteroid goddess. But when Critical Mind gets recruited for higher service, we embody the part of Juno that wants to bring social systems into the rule of love and greater collective need.

This month, your active intelligence will be tested to grow beyond picking situations apart out of restlessness and spite, to breaking down the mechanics of positive change. This requires seeing through the shallow, frequently-manipulated consciousness of our time, and making the right corrections and adjustments for society to regain its soul and move forward. When Critical Thinking combines with soul, the bright future comes into view, because we desperately need not just the heart of humanity, but its sharp brain power as well.

In the 1970s, the writer Paul Roche said
Dreams alone with not save us.
And reason alone will not save us.
Only dreams and reason will save us.
Inside every computer a poet must be locked,
And we must have computers in the clouds.
Images by Mark Salamat and Douglas Volz
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