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The Ruby Heart of the Dragon E-Book

Get instant access to the E-Book. You'll be captivated as Mark goes in depth to tear down astrological clichés, update the twelve signs for our complex and changing times, and help you identify the 3 Points of the Dragon in your own life: your Ruby Heart, which is your Sun Sign, the Dragon’s Tail, which is the sign you’re leaving behind, and finally, the Dragon’s Head, the sign you’re heading towards.

Gift 2

Writing a Whole New Story

Mark’s 18-minute video to inspire you to use the current cosmic weather to strip conditioned layers away, and contact the tremendous force of core creativity in your soul. With Pluto now in Aquarius the energy’s rising to help you live from essence. The more you contact deep energies of regeneration and change, the more you break out of old stories and help our species write new ones. Following the truth of love will lead you to energy breakthroughs and new stories. 

Gift 3

Online Class: Pluto in Aquarius During the Year of the Cat

Video recording of Mark’s 90-minute Pluto in Aquarius During the Year of the Cat: Sharpening Your Instinct, Completing the Revolution series.  This is the first of six classes in the series, which addresses the main cosmic weather of the current moment: the planet Pluto returning to the sign of revolution. The last time Pluto was there was during the Haitian, French and American Revolutions. This time it stays in Aquarius for 20 years, which Mark outlines as the current revolution, which, to overthrow obsolete power, must be sourced in the soul.