Help Mark & Marcella buy their first home!

                     (A request from the Soul Level Astrology Team)

                                                                                                           Image by Deborah Koff-Chapin


 Mark Borax has made a life out of following his soul. He created Soul Level Astrology in 1987 as a means to help others follow their souls. For twenty-five years Mark has practiced his crafts as astrologer, musician and writer, gypsying his way up and down the west coast. After becoming a father in 2003, Mark’s hippie-gypsy ways switched to a strong desire to put down roots and support his family in a soulful way true to his spirit.

When his first book, 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future came out in 2007, news of Mark’s unique astrology practice spread around the world. During the last five years Mark’s practice has grown to where he can afford to buy his first home. After living in more than a hundred houses, owning his own would be a tremendous rite of passage for Mark, his wife Marcella, and their children Sky(9) and Hart (4).

In August, 2006 Mark created his free monthly Cosmic Weather Report
and sent the first copy to thirty-six people. Seven years and tens of thousands
of words later, our readership has grown to 5,000 with thousands of others
following by Facebook and forwards. Recently readers have commented that,
similar to Mark’s readings, his column has broken through to new ground.
His ability to consistently deliver the soul-level view of what’s going on in our
world is stronger than ever. His belief in the human race remains unshakeable,
and his perseverance to overcome challenge after challenge in his own life
inspires many of us to do the same. After three years searching, Mark and
Marcella found a lovely house here in the mountains of Vermont that can
anchor Mark’s work and family life, and finally give this wanderer his
first true home.

In 25 years Mark has never made a direct personal appeal to clients or
readers. But now we are asking those who benefit from the Cosmic Weather
Report to consider sending a one-time offering of appreciation

Rest assured – Mark will continue pouring his soul into his column and offering
it to the world for free. Even if only one out of every ten readers makes a
contribution during the month of April, Mark and Marcella will make their dream come true!

Ways To Help:
1. Make a one-time contribution
2. Forward the Cosmic Weather Report to 3 friends
3. Take advantage of Mark’s special offer for the month of April


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