Cosmic Weather Report:

Friday, March 30, 2007:

In the Tail of the Dragon

Reports have been coming in far and wide regarding a gnarly undertow to recent cosmic weather, a vicious yank back into stubborn states of doubt, fear, anxiety, mistrust and miscommunication. When so many individuals report the same thing, it's a clue that something broader is going on in the psychic combat zone of mass consciousness. So I turned to the Dragon's Tail to get more information on the collective shadow.

The Dragon's Tail is the Arabic name for the South Node of the Moon. It's not a planet, but a supercharged point in space that affects us all. Each of us has our own Dragon's Tail in our birth chart but there's also a collective version, which is the sign the Tail is moving through currently. That sign is Virgo, which the Dragon entered last June. For nine months the mass consciousness of the world has been dragged through the darker side of Virgo. (Each sign has its sun and shadow.)

The Tail will remain there for nine more months, till December. So we're smack in the middle of an 18-month Virgonian passage through the underworld, which is the best time to get clear about it, since we've gone as far as we can. We've made it halfway through a dark cold lake and every inch from here is an inch closer to emergence. What is the Virgonian underworld? It's the nether side of control, the chaos zone beyond the rational, beyond the borders of mind into the part of ancient maps that read: Hyre thyre be Monsters. Memory realms, childhood trauma, ancestral codes, past-life reverberations that generate chronic habit patterns, the sense of being cursed, and personal superstitions.

Rarely do these shadow dwellers pertain to what's confronting us in the here and now. They're almost always locked in past-time awareness. But at times when the here-and-now bears a resemblance to our negative history, primal fight-or-flight instinct takes over. We plunge toward madness and pull out ancient responses that didn't even work right the first time. We do this over and over and over despite our best intentions. It's hard to catch ourselves at this because negative mind tends to dominate the field, pointing to tons of evidence for why you should be suspicious, hardened and shut rather than soft and open.

Well-meaning friends too can unwittingly keep us circulating around a dark whirlpool, when their own minds succumb to doubt and fear. The important thing to remember at such times is that your soul took on the body you wear for the purpose of lessons, but the lessons must be learned by something deeper than analytical mind. Because when the present takes on an eerie resemblance to the past, analytical mind is the least dependable of all our faculties. Remember, says doubting mind, every other time this happened? Who do you think you are to believe in pipedreams of miracle and wonder? GET REAL! Can't you do anything right??!

Unfortunately, what judgment mind fails to recognize is how much its own heavy mindset is a self-fulfilling prophecy. When viewing the present from the narrow viewpoint of a mind that can't forget how many earlier things went wrong, it's hard to see the other side of the lake. When gauging best response from a head filled with media lies and distortions, the most innocent moment darkens, the most naive childlike state of openness seems hopelessly ignorant and out of touch.

For nine months the analytical mind of humanity has been dragged deeper into the shadow of Virgo. We're in it now as thick as we're going to be -- it won't be another 18 years till we get a return journey here. And it's been 18 years since we were here last. A look back at the hardest part of 1989 may reveal similarities to difficulties you're wrestling with now. The redemptive side of Virgo kicks in when we use our descent into phobia as exploration rather than condemnation, as opportunity rather than curse .

If we never lost our bearings we'd be stranded on the surface of things. If we never veered off-course from the known life would be boring. If everything went according to plan there'd be no room for mutation. The trick is to learn to lose our bearings with some measure of grace and gratitude rather than the normal way of negative judgment and castigation that leaks over everything, poisoning our inlook and outlook. When we view the depth journey as leading to something potentially regenerative rather than endless rehashing, the monsters raise their snouts and sniff a change in the wind. The higher purpose for getting dragged through demons is to introduce us to the many parts of self that have their own agenda and don't buy the bright ideas of the mind.

What looks like demons may turn out to be allies. But we have to gain our bearings in the depths in order to claim that power. It takes a leap of faith, the steady support of a friend, or the patient willingness to believe in the great goodness of your own soul in order to win your way to fresh territory in the thick of the place you seem least likely to do so. To turn around karma, approach what most stops you as the ground of deepest regeneration. Until we do that, imps in the darkness fester, silently charging up with a force bound to ambush us sooner or later. When we work our way through distortion zones, anxieties, phobias and self-condemnation we touch the other side of Virgo -- a serene inner place.

The Heart of the Virgin is a realm of great solitude and sobriety. It's the rugged veteran place where so many previous dreams and fantastic notions were hatched and died, that at last we become seasoned and strong regarding ourselves and our ideals. Standing pat within that inner place of honor, we sink roots into the fertile soil of deep individuation.

The Virgin is blessed by intercourse with the juicy currents of her own darkness. The radiance that then shines forth from us is a hardy, much-tested light free of artificially-hyped notions. When we emerge from that heart of solitude whatever we touch becomes golden. We gain a skill and knowing that no one can take away -- the skill of how to be in the world without letting the world's illusions confuse us or throw us off the authentic path of soul work we came from spirit to achieve.

Who are you really? What are you here to do? How much longer are you going to wait? Forward! Mark Borax Soul Level Astrologer