Cosmic Weather Report:

June, 2007:

The Great Karmic Clearing of Our Time

Many of you have noticed the added intensity increasing all over the planet now, which is the result of clashing, or intersecting time streams. The past is vying with the future for control of our lives. When past time dominates it's easy to feel we're drowning, sucked under the weight of everything breaking down. Relationships, jobs, family relations, friendships, health, housing are all up for grabs. Nothing seems stable. Just when you thought you could count on something, it's gone.

The future-focused way to deal with this is to realize higher powers are in control, have always been, and there's nothing our little selves can do to contradict that principle. Therefore, the things that are crumbling are things that ultimately wouldn't have served us anyway, no matter how attached we are to having our way.

The same vortex action that could suck us under the weight of everything disintegrating can catapult us free to a whole new consciousness, a whole new energy, a whole new time stream. At moments like this, when two time streams intersect, huge worldwide friction is generated. Dramatic interruptions dominate world consciousness, news headlines are filled with tale after tale of how horrible it is, how everything is breaking down. It's easy to grow nostalgic and yearn for a simpler place and time when things made sense and weren't so dangerous and volatile.

Yet, if we dig down beneath surface melodrama a great evolutionary tide of energy surges in to buoy us aloft, like learning to surf a tsunami. What one minute ago seemed like the End of Everything suddenly becomes the Beginning of Everything, as we shift allegiance from the microcosm to the macrocosm. In the Big Picture we're experiencing the stormy last gasp of the 20th Century's ignorance and fear—merely a squall in the Cosmic Weather.

More than ever we are now capable of getting out of our own way, aligning with the Grand Design which the Destiny Architects hold for humanity, and making our dreams come true. IT'S CRUCIAL NOW TO GET CRYSTAL CLEAR AS TO WHAT WORLD WE WANT TO CREATE, WHAT LIFE WE NEED TO LIVE, HOW WE NEED TO LIVE IT AND WHO WE NEED TO LIVE IT WITH.

Never mind all the reasons why your Dream might not be practical or logical. Never mind why life couldn't possibly be as overwhelmingly positive as your heart of hearts knows it to be. Never mind every commonsense reason your parents told you why Miracle and Wonder can't happen in a world like this—that world is no longer in existence, despite every news headline to the contrary. In the time it took to read that sentence earth just spun into a whole new part of space which it's never been in before, and we're being asked to follow suit.

Even the stuck 20th Century Reality Body of the world is giving way to our Magical Bodies down below. If we can pull off the perceptual shift of disidentifying with the Old Paradigm, and identify instead with the evolutionary surge of the new, we'll find this the best time to practice up-shifting out of limited consciousness into galactic awareness.

Our limited consciousness will dredge up endless evidence for things being hopeless, and seduce us into claiming despair as the only logical outcome. Our Magical Body—which has been taking a back seat to limited collective awareness for many centuries—knows that it's that very mindset itself that's caused the world to get caught in the grip of such nightmarish reasoning.

Limited consciousness makes us hyper-aware of where we fail to measure up, where life fails to give us what we need, and how the world situation is absolutely impossible. When we succumb to the sucking whirlpool of that kind of past-time reasoning, our minds seize endless evidence for backing up that gloomy position. "After all—I'm just being realistic" we tell ourselves. Anything other than doubt and negativity seems hopelessly naive, Pollyanna-ish, foolishly optimistic.

But once we step out of this limited timestream into a future flow, Galactic awareness reminds us that we saw all this happening once before, while we were a disembodied soul, after we died in our previous life, before we chose to come back in in this incarnation. Whomever you are, whatever your world situation, you came here for some very good reasons that can only be fulfilled when you summon the deeper force of your core nature.

With the help of spirit beings, just prior to incarnating, we looked ahead into this Now moment and grasped what this life would require of us. Feeling an affinity with this moment -- the Great Karmic Clearing of our time—we landed into a body at the precise instant of planetary alignment to equip us with the traits we need to offer something unique to the world and receive limitless blessings in return—the Gift of Life.

Thankfully, we don't have to do this tremendous evolutionary work alone. Higher powers are helping us at every moment, urging on the great awakening of the human species out of its 20th Century Stuck Mindset of limited awareness. What we awaken into is a cosmic alignment with the bright future which is so urgently trying to be born all over the world now, despite the ignorance of our so-called leaders.

Because this is a unique time of Karmic Clearing, everything that has stood in the way of our deep fulfillment in every life is now up for clearing. The Past is vying with the Future. Our Magical Body is struggling to throw off its ailing body of limitation.

That's why our current times are so very intense—everything that needs to be cleared off the depth body of the human species is up in our faces now. Everything, in any life, that has held us, or any member of our ancestry, back from full-force soul activation, has got to come up for clearing.

It's crucial to remember we agreed to all this before time. Nothing is happening anywhere that is too much for us to deal with. Nothing is all that surprising except the overwhelming news of the new, even though our lower minds can easily become traumatized, discouraged and contracted while such clearing is taking place.

It's easy, at such a time, to freak out and many people are doing so. The Old Guard, all over the world, is going insane trying to exert control, turn the clock back, continuing to demonize the Others over there, making someone else responsible for chaos and destabilization. The old errors of bigotry and narrow-mindedness are going crazy once again because of fear. In fear of the new, limited minds are turning back to the old that never worked right in the first place.

But for those who sense the vast positive note in this tremendous pivot point in history, evolutionary strides are more possible than ever. And we have tremendous spiritual assistance for getting out of our own way. The key in moving from past to future comes in recognizing you have so much more to give this world than you will ever need to take from it. Your soul is packed with infinite layers of treasures from Beyond. By tapping these deeper forces you can turn around a cataclysmic transitional period into the most awesome catapulting toward freedom and joy you have ever known.

The purpose of karma is to locate us smack in the deepest trough of what never worked for us in any lifetime, and spring us to the greatest freedom. When  confronted with limitation, when tempted by fear, a little alarm bell should go off in  your head that you saw all this before.

The hidden underlying purpose of this moment in world evolution is to force you to muster up soul power from the deepest core of your nature, which can spring the pressurized catapult and hurl you into an expanded cosmic consciousness of who you really are and what you're here to do. Both in and out of the body, you have much help all over the world to do it, as more and more of us awaken to the fact that we—not some obsolete leader in a privileged position—are in charge of our own destiny!

Who are you really? What are you here to do? How much longer are you going to wait? Forward! Mark Borax Soul Level Astrologer