Cosmic Weather Report:

Tuesday, January 14, 2008:

Rat takes Pig, Instinct Ascending

The next New Moon, February 6th, 7:44 PM PST, ushers in the Year of the Rat, which starts the whole cycle of twelve animal years. Pig is last and Rat is first. Now are the last weeks of the Golden Fire Pig, the final year in the cycle of twelve, the most auspicious out of all sixty combinations of elements and animals.

Have you gotten to the gold this year? Have you claimed the path to richness and abundance based on the inner truth of your own nature, rather than the world’s external standards of value? If not, what are you waiting for? How long will you spend your life ignoring the call of your soul? When will you believe in your dream powerfully enough to choose it and choose it and choose it again and again when each obstacle arises?

When who you are at core lines up with what you’re doing, the world changes. The False World, the phony existence which has wrapped itself around the living green Earth, releases one notch of its stranglehold on the human soul. Each time another person chooses to follow the crazy dream of their heart instead of punching the clock in this End Time of a False Civilization, the collective soul of our species stirs from slumber, and the Living Future draws one step closer to the dead-and-dying past.

The theme I’m finding in this fifth month of my cross-country odyssey through the U.S. is a stripping-down motion, a paring away of the inessential to get down to the gold. What gold? The treasure that results when innermost value aligns with outward activity.

Right Livelihood is due to be the next stage in collective evolution. This results when a sufficient amount of people all over the world awaken to the fact that they’re here for so much more than to be worker drones in the Machine; that life is more magical than it seems, and there is a powerful evolutionary flow which, like a river, can sweep us out of limitation into connection with all things. Right Livelihood is something every one of us has power over. Instead of waiting for the world to change, change.

If you’re not yet living the life you were born to, then what are you waiting for? Who’s going to change this if not you? When will this happen if not now? Here in the final weeks of the Golden Fire Pig some further vow may be in order, some promise to yourself, a deeper commitment to choosing the thing your soul incarnated into your body for, rather than settling for less and pissing away this incarnation.

At the end of the first week in February the Year of the Rat begins, starting a new year and a whole new cycle of twelve. The Rat is the most instinctual of oriental animals, and the most connected to mass consciousness. Our personal instincts must rise in the next twelve months, to claim a much stronger say in how we deal with issues of mass consciousness, issues of life. The theme of the coming year is How We Fit Into The World or Which World Will You Fit Into?

The rat is a grappling animal that follows instincts to assure both personal survival and the well-being of the pack. It’s time to challenge mass consciousness that gets in the way of inner truth. Where have you dimmed yourself down to fit into the world? What childhood magic have you sacrificed to become normal? Where’s your tribe or pack? Who do you belong to and what gift will you give them?

Following instincts, grappling with survival issues, direct forays into hidden dens of pack and tribe, darting through obstacles without being seen, retrieving gifts from the shadows, and being very maternal — rat mamas are among the most conscientious in the animal kingdom — in such ways we get to rework who we are and what we’re doing from February 6th on.

Meanwhile, in the tail end of the Pig, there’s a slim window remaining to scrutinize your values and meaning, your worth, your money, your inward and outward relationship to prosperity and scarcity, selfishness and abundance, and what you do for a living.

Who are you really? What are you here to do? How much longer are you going to wait? Forward! Mark Borax