Cosmic Weather Report:

January, 2007:


Jupiter moving through Sagittarius all year (till the last two weeks of December) asks us to grow bigger and bigger until we fill up our dreams, and can then bring them down to size in a way that enhances rather than diminishes them. To do this we must awaken from the Trance of Normalcy that passes for ordinary life, and free the creative imagination sleeping within us.

This is the Year to Dream Big, which isn't always easy because of the trance state masquerading as normalcy. It's not obvious, at first, that civilization is drugged out of its gourd. It's not clear the price we pay to fit in, because everybody else is doing the same thing. The antidote to this sleepwalking state is found in the depths of your own soul, where a fiery new dream is taking root.

Whatever dream you can dream up--DREAM IT. Whatever vision you're hatching--HATCH IT. Whatever love you've been stuffing--RELEASE IT. All such pursuits get a huge boost from the King of the Gods this year as he passes through the sign of the flaming archer. If you free these energies, life will be remade in a form that fits the truth of your soul, rather than the limitations of a dying civilization in its last gasps. Instead of playing to the crowd, dare yourself to believe in an outrageous destiny of joy. Instead of keeping the status quo, shake the foundations of your relationships. Instead of living cut off from spirit and heart, give existence the biggest YES you can muster from the depths of your being, and you'll be surprised by the results.

Which brings us to the Boar. From February 18th on, 2007 is the Year of the Boar--an animal known for its ability to charge recklessly through its environment. If you line up your inner life and outer existence, charging is an excellent way to bust out of stuck structures and get things moving. The danger of the Boar, and the weak point of Sag (each sign has an Achilles' heel) is the tendency to stay forever with something that's really not working. If your life follows this trap this year, charging may send you tumbling over a cliff, which is probably better than staying stuck in the half-life that passes for normalcy. Just pick yourself up and relaunch yourself toward what you're really after.

For most of the year Pluto continues crossing the supercharged two-degree spread of the Galactic Center, from 26 - 28 degrees Sag. (Check further down this website for more on this.) This means that a churning underground force of transformation undermines normalcy and stability. Though regressive forces will yank back mightily, resisting change, change is inevitable. But existence is now asking for you to release something on a very deep level that's holding you back, equivalent to a death of sorts, which paves the way for regeneration. With Boar and Sagittarius and Jupiter, power is at stake.

When you align the power of your core with the spiritual force of rebirth trying to remake our world into a place that really works rather than pretending to work, you contact the sweet spot where a little goes a long way. Kick out the inner authority which is forcing you to conform, in order to find true power. Along with the release of the creative imagination, lessons of true and false power are the main lessons of the year.

ARIES: Relationship is the key field for clearing old karmas and applying the main lessons of the year. Instead of bogging down in competitive skirmishes, release primal energy to lead you to a new way of love.

TAURUS: Stop ragging on yourself for everything you didn't do right--it's been blocking your true inner gift of a fertile imagination. Grant yourself the freedom to take forever to grow up, and a new creative idea will lead you forward.

GEMINI: This year wants to teach you the difference between running around and around a good idea versus dropping down into where it already lives inside you. Turn your inner critic into a bold accompanist rather than a dream-stopper, and you'll be free.

CANCER: You have the most direct connection to higher wisdom than anyone, though you don't know it because the version of it you have is so plain, simple and concrete that you haven't yet realized it's coming from the gods. Listen and Act!

LEO: Stop pushing that boulder up the hill. The situation is nowhere near as complicated as you think. Someone else can give you a clear reflection of the joy and wonder that got bottled up in you and wants to come out now. Let them.

VIRGO: Yes, your mind is calling calling calling you to once again bail everybody out of a jam but there's another art you're much better at: The Feng-Shui of Life. Rearrange your furnishings, clear your mind of clutter, and a new source of energy will swoop you toward where you're going much easier than figuring it all out by yourself.

LIBRA: Ah, LOVE. Do you find that the more you get in touch with core passion, the less folks want you around? If so, you're on the verge of the biggest spiritual turnaround of your life, which is going to reveal a whole new way to connect with others. You're much bigger than you think.

SCORPIO: Psychic sludge from collective consciousness is clogging your dreams and blocking the soulful force of evolution sleeping within you. Your anger is a divine bulldozer to sweep that crap away and get on with the blazing passion you were born to live!

SAGITTARIUS: This is your year! It's now or never, if you're going to make yourself naked enough to drop into the hidden joy at the direct center of your being. You've gotten entangled in compromise and negotiation which has dimmed your flame. Give up that vicarious existence and meet the world from the primal depths of raw experience, and you'll look back at this year as the start of a whole new life.

CAPRICORN: The first rays of that bright long-term future you've been secretly dreaming of for ages will stream through to you by the end of the year. Until then, pursue a higher course of study which will paint an accurate blueprint of how your personal power relates to the grand scheme of things.

AQUARIUS: They all said you couldn't do it and this is the year to prove once and for all whether they're right or you need new friends. Have you been running down a dead end, or is this path resurrectable? The answer lies in your body more than your mind. What part of your body is lit up now? It's a truth-and-lie detector--don't fight it! PISCES: Forgiveness opens the lost way through your dilemma. But you have to couple that with self-belief. In the place where these two forces meet deep within you, you can fuse with the unstoppable heart force of a soul on fire. Stop downplaying your own magic!

Who are you really? What are you here to do? How much longer are you going to wait? Forward! Mark Borax Soul Level Astrologer