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Monday, February 4th, 2008:

Planetary Initiation: Donning the Coat of Many Colors Atlanta, Georgia

Five planets in Aquarius, plus the Dragonís Head (North Node of the Moon) are compelling us through a planetwide initiation that will last at least a month. To pass this rite of passage the Bright Truth of the Soul must be freed from the sticky clutches of the Intense Negative Doubting Mind.

This is both an individual, and even more of a collective, process. It is a species initiation that is positively shaking the stuck world body and confounding the experts with evidence of magic and mysticism in the midst of normalcy. The old paradigm, wherever it lives in each of us and all around us, must be released in order to draw the full presence of this energy blast all the way into our core nature.

Existence is inviting you and I to take the next step in evolution, and leap off of the great block of the past, leap empty-handed or with many gifts into the Future, leap like lightning straight into the Unknown, with the inner certainty that intuition is a clearer guide than skepticism, and that magical awareness trumps mundane consciousness, and that the world, is, in fact, changing. Change is fully upon us, which can be terribly frightening to the Little Mind, which interprets change as: Structureís Threatened! Structureís Threatened! Structureís Threatened!

Aquarius is the Grand Design which the Destiny Architects have held in place for the human race since the dawn of time. Aquarius is also the Doubting Mind, who guards the Threshold of Whatís Possible. During the next month, once we break free from the heavy undertow of doubt, we stream like an underground spring straight toward the future. The Pig will give way to the Rat, and the Rat will grasp what it needs to fly through the astounding maze of earth existence and get to the gift at the center; the gift of a clean, well-lighted mind that can be used in service of, rather than in opposition to, the Grand Design.

Within a tight twelve-degree corridor of Aquarius (between 16 and 28 degrees of that sign) the Sun, Alpha-Omega, Mercury, Neptune, the asteroid Vesta and the Dragonís Head are huddling in council in deep space right now, a grand meeting that has profound ramifications for the shared future (Alpha-Omega is the planetary body most people call Chiron.)

One-third of the sky has turned Aquarian. The Water Bearer is calling each of us into council with our Dream Team — those beings in and out of the body who have something crucial to offer us now in terms of the next step. You might tune into this council in dream more than waking. You might gain its wisdom through instinct and intuition. You might have a hard time getting out of bed lately. You might be being asked to let go of an old love, an old object, a familiar place, an obsolete life that turned obsolete without you knowing it.

An accelerated stream of fresh Aquarian energy is pouring into collective consciousness at this moment even more than into each individual nature. The human race is all lit up inside like Christmas of the Soul, whooping and holleriní at the Dawn of a Whole New Way to Be. The revolutionary trails we blazed in the stuck body of mass thought way back in the late 60s and early 70s, are being rewoven into an Evolutionary Garment suitable to meet the urgencies of the present moment — a Coat of Many Colors.

In the Old Paradigm we stuffed our true nature and put on a mask that we forgot was a mask so long ago that it now seems like the real thing. Who we are inside this mask is being asked to come out, come out wherever you are. Itís time to get naked, get magical and get real. If we reverse the normal lining of our lives we can turn the old paradigm inside-out and put on our dreams. We can use who we are as our credentials, rather than who we appear to be. Exposure and release. Trust in magic. Trust that something amazing is being born in the midst of the muddle, and needs just a little help from us to bring it all the way through.

Where are your true colors? What dream of yours is being summoned to get real or get out of the way? Are you clutching something for dear life thatís actually killing you?

Now and the next month, itís time to stand strong in this bright Aquarian flood, to try on this multicolored garment that equips us to navigate the astounding maze of earth existence with gratitude and grace, to dwell within the radiant hues of healing rather the throbbing red and grey of wounding, to march in a parade of abundance rather than fear.

Cosmos is now very close to mass consciousness. A little goes a long way. If you get out of your own way just a smidgeon, Aquarius will roar through and the world will change. It is changing, but you can only get with it if you renounce your clinging to limitation.

What piece of the past are you holding onto? What relationship with yourself are you asked to let go of? What old clothes must you discard to don the coat? Will you surrender that old thought form that visited you long ago and never left?

Who are you really? What are you here to do? How much longer are you going to wait?

Forward! Mark Borax Soul Level Astrologer

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