Cosmic Weather Report:

Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2007:

The Plot Thickens

For two years we’ve been blasted by the relentless purging motion of Pluto on the Galactic Center, asking us to release everything we’re attached to that no longer serves. Pluto has moved off that point now, and earlier today met the giant planet Jupiter in the tail end of Sagittarius, the Archer.

Jupiter holds the macrocosmic design of the future, supplying information on how our personal lives can align with greater intentions. The King of the Gods fires arrows of higher awareness into the center of our ordinary lives, pricking us with awareness that all is not right on some levels, but that even the stuckest, most distorted time in history can’t forever keep the Future at bay. Pinpoints of light leak in through the Old Paradigm. Glimmerings of the new world rising disturb the status quo. Life as normal isn’t.

While Jupiter fires lightning bolts of illumination into the karmic stew, Pluto, god of hell, stirs the collective undersoul, releasing the disowned shadow contents of the collective, to purge subconscious and unconscious obstacles in the way of Change. You can see this rumbling through the political debates in the U.S. now — our shadow is leaking out, and that great agitation that marks the intersection of Past and Future is erupting from its underground containers, as it did in the 1960s.

Pluto moving off the Galactic Center gives us a break from the constant intensity of this last year or two, but its conjunction with Jupiter is leaving many of us feeling raw, vulnerable and exposed, yet open to possibility and intrigue. We are being exposed, to a whole new way of being, which may feel like a death of sorts, unwieldy, alien, cruel or harsh.

Yet it is not punishment. Now is not the time to get caught up in the strangeness of the moment, but rather to relinquish the umbilical cord you’ve been clinging to for far too long. We’re being asked to give up false security, and open hearts and minds to the new Jupiterian future being whipped up for the human race.

At first, the new can seem threatening, ominous, even disastrous or cataclysmic. But crisis packs a great opportunity, which is to strip off masks and vestiges of illusion, and claim your center of power. External reality is a mirror showing us who we are inside, who we all are as a mass entity. The truth of this inner state can be hard to take when we’re used to lies, but we can only move forward when the shadow is revealed and met on a very deep level, inside each of us, step by step.

Here, in the last two months of the Golden Fire Pig — the most auspicious year in Oriental Astrology— some golden treasure awaits. If we use the very pressure threatening to pull us apart, to pry our legs out of the muck of false security, we’ll claim a place of great well-being and abundance. The world’s falseness will no longer have a place to hook us. The true treasure of the material plane, which is a green oasis of paradise spinning through space, becomes apparent. In the very place we used to sleepwalk in ignorance of miracle and wonder, we’re now being fed the most astounding experiences, day by day. Human relationships quicken. Possibility looms up in chance encounter. The future comes close.

Everything acting out within us and around us, in our emotional body and in the collective consciousness of the nation, is dramatizing the inner need we have to take a good long look at ourselves, and quit fooling around with any paths other than the one most strongly rooted in our souls.

The power of Jupiter conjunct Pluto is the massive power to destroy all obstacles preventing us from aligning with the Grand Design. As Pluto wrenched up challenge after challenge during the last two years, we’ve been called to face ourselves on much deeper layers than before. Now we’re being confronted with a new need: To redesign our lives based on what truly satisfies the soul.

Who are you really? What are you here to do? How much longer are you going to wait? Forward! Mark Borax Soul Level Astrologer