Cosmic Weather Report:

Cosmic Weather Autumn 2007
Slouching toward Aquarius

In mid-December the north node of the moon, also known as the Dragon’s Head, will shift from Pisces to Aquarius, releasing the intense emotional undertow of the last year-and-a-half, and oonching us one notch closer to the Age of Aquarius. The Dragon’s Head stays in each sign about a year-and-a-half. From December through the following eighteen months we’ll get a sneak preview of Aquarius.

Pisces is a watery emotive sign, and Aquarius an airy expansive one. Starting in mid-December the primary path forward becomes one of expansion, communication and higher mind. Higher mind is the consciousness that happens when we get out of our way and link in with the Grand Design, with the spiritual clarity and macrocosmic vision of what we’re all doing at this time on earth. Aquarius is the interconnectedness of all life, the multi-dimensionality of existence, the truth that we have so many levels to draw upon, so much help available for bursting our cocoon of limitation.

Also in December, the God of Hell, Pluto moves off the supercharged Galactic Center where he’s been for two years, providing a huge release of underlying pressure that so many of us have felt. (For more on this transit check my website, Within six to eight weeks we’re about to get a reprieve from the intense emotion of everything that’s been churned up in the last couple of years. We’re about to get sprung from hell. But we’re not quite there yet. We’re still churning.

The purpose of all this churning has been to purge whatever’s in the way of foundational change for the human race. My phone has been ringing off the hook lately, and emails have been flying in with reports of people whose jobs, health, relationships and  home lives are under fire. By most accounts this year has been anything but a ho-hum, normal, life-as-usual passage. Cosmic forces from all sides are buffeting the human race, shaking things up, striving to find a way through our defenses.

In the last two decades I’ve seen other cycles of dramatic disruption, but the difference this time is that most people around me seem to grasp the fact that we’re being asked to surrender that which is no longer valid. We’re being asked to give up false security in order to formulate a new underlying basis for living. Folks seem to be cluing in much quicker to the fact that a greater harmony is trying to assert itself through a temporary discord. Instead of clinging we’re being asked to release. Instead of closing we’re being asked to open. It takes much faith, support and belief in magic to leap ahead at the very moment the ground is being swept out from under you! We’re each being asked to mutate. Why? Because the old way of doing things is blocking the bright future of our species, the one aching inside us to be born.

We’re caught, these days, between the old and the new. In so many ways it’s become obvious that the old no longer works. But what would the new look like? What are we being asked to leap toward?

Imagine a world in which no vacations are needed because the thing you do for a living feeds your soul and your soul feeds the world. Imagine a future where each person’s core nature finds a perfect match with outer existence. Imagine a world where creativity triumphs over limitation, and commonality over ignorance. Conceive of a world where who we are finds the most sympathetic resonance with what we do. Instead of stuffing our dreams to fit normalcy, normalcy itself mutates to accommodate the new dream stirring in the depths of our species.

Many astrologers, including myself, point to the year 2012 as the dawn of a new era. I see it as a major choice point in human evolution: Are we going to stop pretending to be so much less than we are and bring on an authentic future, or retreat into our shells and say “No thank you?,” like we’ve done at so many historical choice points.

Though weighty matters like The Future often seem to be in someone else’s hands—the hands of those in power, the hands of the rich and famous—the truth is that the future is in each of our hands, and what we do now with these final weeks of churning may go a long way toward determining that future.

Our work is to sacrifice false security and make a leap of faith toward believing that, despite the odds, something truly visionary can happen for us all.

Aquarius occurs when the central motivating spark or vision inside each person has its day in the world. The stroke of genius sleeping in even the most mundane soul ignites and spreads contagiously to others. A grand design of our commonality overcomes the fear of our differences. Illusions of separation give way to the deeper truth that we’re all working for the same thing, that we each want life to align on the deepest levels, and that we each have something unique to give to the world.

Who are you really? What are you here to do? How much longer are you going to wait? Forward! Mark Borax Soul Level Astrologer