Cosmic Weather Report:

January '06 to November '07:
Pluto on the Galactic Center



On the first days of the new year, Pluto entered the center of our Galaxy, between twenty-six and twenty-eight degrees Sagittarius. Twenty-six to twenty-eight degrees of each of the twelve signs forms a narrow band within the broader band of the zodiac. This highly-charged belt within a belt is known as the Galactic Corridor.

The energy running through this two-degree wide galactic band outstrips the normal energy of what each sign is about. Out of all thirty degrees of each sign, the Galactic Corridor is where the tired old patterns of each sign give way to higher forces. Galactic inspiration floods through this belt into the Earth as a direct palpable cosmic force at work in the here and now.

Twenty-six to twenty-eight Sag is the Galactic Center. When we look at this part of the sky we're looking from two-thirds of the way out on the rim of the Milky Way, toward the exact bulging center of the galaxy. When any Planet passes over the centerpoint, tremendous forces are released.

Pluto is the Root Chakra of our solar system and our body, the tingling tail of our psychic-emotive experience in the physical plane. At the root, massive forces of incarnation are now at work. The Root Chakra (energy globe at the base of our spine) has to do with survival, with everything deep down beneath us, issues of ancestry and sexuality and digestion. The Root Chakra manages the flow of our very life force, determining the foundational base of our energy exchange with the living planet.

The center of Sagittarius exerts a deep magnetic pull to incarnate, which is intensified by Pluto's two-year passage. Earth and galaxy now magnetize us to show up in full physical embodiment. The God of the Underworld slays our excuses of why not to have the life we were born to live. Everything combines to compel us to arrive inside ourselves and really BE HERE instead of just pretending to be here.

Anyone who opens the energy-diaphragm at the base of their body now is likely to be walloped by the sheer force of planetary release going on way down below. The pull is going to be more and more tremendous as Pluto moves through these supercharged degrees of late Sagittarius.

As the Galactic Center in Sagittarius pulls on Pluto, Pluto pulls us by the root into the full-force intensity of solid presence in the physical realm. Pluto's two-year passage through this zone is magnetically pulling the human species to finally show up in its fuller nature, and get on with Evolution.

If we surrender to this Deep Incarnational Force, if we really show up in full presence now, Pluto in Sag slaughters every limited concept we've carried about existence, and radically opens humanity to a whole new way to live in the Earth.

The roots of relationship are being shaken in order to open stuck energy circuits between us and each other, between ourselves and our soul, between our soul and our world.

With Pluto on the Galactic Center for almost two years, the deepest resurrective force beams from our planet into our roots. Energy rushes into us, giving us the power to recreate our own fertile creative existence in Earth.

More than ever, Galactic forces are streaming to assist the parts of us trapped in illusions of limitation. The universe is calling us in to call us out.

At the bottom of the human pelvic girdle, deep in the hara we can open now to receive etheric fire jetting out of the planet up our spine. We are being re-embodied and renewed at the core. To align with Galactic Center we must be willing to die and be reborn moment by moment.

During these two years, primal life-force surges in rhythmic bursts of ongoing orgasm, what tantra recognizes in the depths of female orgasm as the Wave of Bliss. These shock waves stream up out of Earth through our genitals into our pelvic girdle and chest, and from there, out into everything we're connected to.

The electro-magnetic pulse holding us to our world is being zapped and energized. Against this drenching deluge old forms disintegrate, outmoded ideas crumble, and our deep energy body is shocked into new presence with the living Earth. Whatever blocks the way of root-level embodiment comes up to be cleared.

As the flak flies, we're called to separate our fear-pictures of what's going on in our world, from the new entity we're all part of, that's being born with every spasm.

Everything dead and false in world culture is rising to be sloughed off from mass humanity as the World Serpent sheds its skin. The Great Kundalini Snake trapped inside the feminine nature of humanity is being set free. Passion for life, buried under life-as-usual, is raging to empower us out of going-through-the-motions into heightened engagement with the physical plane.

Who we are and especially who we think we are at the most fundamental levels is subject to Change. The very ground we walk upon is crumbling and tumbling us down to the much deeper spiritual center inside us. Like a cosmic acupuncture point, Pluto's conjunction with the Galactic Center opens a direct channel between Earth and Cosmos. Planting our feet firmly in the ground now places us in powerful rays of change streaming from the depths of our entire galaxy.

If we over-ride the flight-or-flight survival instinct that seizes up in the face of the Great Unknown, we can align with each energy burst, and bring on the new. Whatever we're most attached to in our basic underlying conception of the material plane is being blasted by deep earth shakti, opened up and turned around. Whatever we've most resisted in our reincarnational journey of life after life, has formed a karmic block now being pummeled by raging earth currents.

It's crucial to recognize that the reason our deepest challenges are coming up is because we're ready to reconfigure our basic survival relationship with the planet. The higher cosmic purpose behind this two-year passage is to destroy the foundations of obsolete thought that keep us back from the experience of full-spectrum existence in the Living Earth.

Between January of '06 and November '07, as Pluto moves on and off and on and off this supercharged Galactic Center, radiant bursts of this massive Energy Pulse will rocket more people through more intensive change faster than ever.

Not everyone's going to like this. It's going to hit the ego-mind hard as: STRUCTURE'S THREATENED, STRUCTURE'S THREATENED, STRUCTURE'S THREATENED, until we learn to surrender to wave after wave of death and rebirth.

Whether this strikes you as the End of All Things, or the Beginning of A whole New Way to Be, depends upon how willing you become to open your deepest root-lock and allow new energy into the most basic, survival-oriented, vulnerable parts of yourself.

The Two-Year Mantra for dealing with this is: OPEN AND ARRIVE. OPEN AND ARRIVE. OPEN AND ARRIVE.


Who are you really? What are you here to do? How much longer are you going to wait? Forward! Mark Borax Soul Level Astrologer