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  2015:  Building A New World Dream

(artwork by Caroline Morris and By Alexandre Segreg)


January, 2015  Putney, Vermont  

With two months left in the Year of the Green Horse (Read more) we're approaching the tail end of the severe testing action of 2014, where relationships, jobs and personal ambitions have been put to the test, due to 2014 being a 7 year numerologically, and a Horse Year by Oriental astrology. 
Those relationships, jobs and visions that pass the test are being green-lighted to go the distance, to become streamlined and gallop ahead into the coming years. And those relationships, jobs and visions that don't pass the test are being exposed as incomplete, inauthentic or misguided, and must limp back into the barn for re-evaluation.

Between now and February 19, 2015 when the Horse gives way to the Sheep, the final rigors of this testing action occur, prompting you to look into your life and decide if you're doing what you need to be doing with whomever you need to be doing it. If not, now's the time to use that final burst of horsepower to change things.
As the Horse (a bold, headstrong, self-centered, forward-looking animal) gives way to the Sheep (a group-oriented, dreamy, deep-rooted, downward-looking animal) the accent shifts off individual focus into community awareness. The rigorous testing actionof 2014 gives way to the process of standing your ground in 2015, and delving deeper into your World Dream, contacting your roots, and linking with others.

What is a World Dream?

A World Dream is the personal myth or deeply-rooted, often unconscious story that informs all that you experience and think about. Paradoxically, a World Dream is so dense and solid that it's very hard to transform when a new dream comes along, yet so intangible that few people even know they have one. During a Sheep year it's especially important to clarify your dream because the herding instinct of that animal makes you more susceptible to going along with mass consciousness, even when it's misguided.

The Sheep draws strength from safety in numbers, and as more and more people awaken out of the old obsolete world view, new dreams become seeded in collective consciousness. No year is better than a Sheep year for planting dreams in deep soil, and nurturing them with loving care, kindness, strength and durability.

The Sheep is known for grace, refuge, beauty, and has the richest inner life of the twelve Oriental animals. It's also known for being nondescript, meek and blindly following the herd. It's important during a Sheep year to herd up with like-minded people whose visions inspire you, rather than fritter your life force on relationships that do not serve. That's why the testing action of the Horse has been crucial, because those relationships and life structures that pass the test will be hard to get out of when the Horse gives way to the Sheep. (However, each Sheep has a Ram hidden somewhere inside, so don't underestimate the power this often-meek animal, who can also charge headlong against all obstacles.)

If you ever doubt the astonishing power of a World Dream, just look at the insane wars waged in the Middle East over whose dream is better. Just because one group of people likes to read a different book of beliefs than the book that another group reads, atrocities occur, and the vultures of nations wait in the wings to pounce on the carcasses and profit from clashing dreams.

Just imagine if our World Dream changed to the idea that all books are created equal, that no one's God is  better than anyone else's, and that we all can get along around here. The War Machine would grind to a halt and we'd discover how similar we all are rather than how different.

2015 is an 8 year numerologically, and the 8 orchestrates the clashing of past with future. Both positive forces of evolution and dark undertows are unleashed, and the news will be riddled with dramatic examples of hope and apathy, kindness and despair. The gift of clashing forces is to contrast the difference between progressive and retrogressive currents. If you link your dream with the progressive currents of like-minded dreams, you'll harness the power of an 8 Sheep Year for refuge from the storm, kindness toward self and others, and a new world story of grace and tolerance. 

Who Are You Really?  What Are You Here For?  How Much Longer Are You Going To Wait?  

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