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  2016:  Playing A New Game

January, 2016  Putney, Vermont  

Hanuman By Vishnu108

The best way to understand the meaning of a year is to combine its numerological value with its Oriental Animal. At midnight New Year's Eve we crossed from an 8 year to a 9. On February 8th we'll make a further crossing from an oriental Sheep to a Monkey. (You get the numerological value of a year by adding its numerals and subtracting ten if the sum is larger than ten.) 

2015 reduces to 8, and when you stand 8 on its side you get an infinity symbol. The 8 year we've left behind stood mass consciousness on its head and sent us plummeting through the loops of an infinite rollercoaster. Whipping through that ride it's hard to tell if you're going forward or backward, if you're getting anywhere or just getting dizzy. The Illusion of Duality spins us around and around the deadly game of one group of people being lionized and another being demonized, one group getting the goods and the other getting the shaft.

Straight-faced politicians spout suicidal ideas that millions of people applaud without recognizing they're sinking deeper and deeper into stories of hate and fear and trying to drag the rest of us with them. Since ancient days there have always been lying politicians; the strange twist of our time is the amount of delusion now being spouted each day as gospel in a democracy, because this level of twisted truth was formerly only found in totalitarian dictatorships. 

The 9 we crossed into at New Year's is a higher-wavelength, an expanded, multi-dimensional vibration that asks you to step off the rollercoaster and awaken to the fuller scope of who you are and what you're doing. We're being invited to awaken to the fuller scope of what's possible when we open hearts and minds and climb out of the old story.

Where 8 spun us around a never-ending ride, 9 invites us to see through the appearance realm into the greater cosmic design that all things are a part of. You are not only a physical being, you are a magical being. You do not only have to put up with the enforced limitations of a very strange time on planet Earth -- you get to create your own reality by banding together with like-minded spiritual outlaws, visionaries and dreamers working outside consensus reality to change things as we did in the 1960s.

9 opens multidimensional channels for communicating on telepathic wavelengths that remind us we are all one, we all belong to the same planet and we're all in this fabulous time of death and birth together. If we can assist the old stories of lack and limitation to give up the ghost, then something new will be born. And all around the world you can hear the cries of newborn dreams and visions, where people get fed up with the lies and delusions of the old. 

When the Monkey arrives, joining with the 9, you'll get an opportunity to play with existence on a multidimensional level, the kind of play that lights the world from that inner creative dynamo humming inside you and now needs to come out, come out, wherever you are.

The Special Role of Art and CreativityThis Year

Since the mass media is now run by a handful of super-corporations, art and creativity must subsume the role of civic leadership. Like in the 1960s new stories must arise and cross-pollinate from musicians, writers, artists, playwrights, filmmakers, dancers and the ranks of youth, to show the world a better way than the bullshit policies of the past.


Who Are You Really?  What Are You Here For?  How Much Longer Are You Going To Wait?  

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