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           Turning Karma to Grace


  Celebrating our eleventh year of mystery school

Up here on Putney Mountain our College of Visionaries & Wizards (CVW) is stronger than ever. We've put out the call for new students to join our 3-year Chart Study program beginning in the autumn 2019, with pre-classes scheduled for late spring and early summer. Check it out.

CVW sprang out of the original mystery school I wrote of in 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future, which is a rousing memoir of my adventures in sex, love and astrology. Our mission is to spread news of the soul through classes, workshops, readings, lectures and monthly writings. Our growing body of students, faculty and administrators continue to be well-trained in the art of seeing through the Trance of Normalcy and activating regenerative forces packed into the human soul.

Our Tribal Drumbeat membership program is an offshoot of the College. It is open to anyone who wants to join-- each Fall-- with a committed group of spiritual outlaws, class offerings and ongoing cosmic weather broadcasts that we produce apart from our chart study certification program. Tribal Drumbeat now offers more benefits than ever, including complementary 30-minute readings from Mark, complimentary six-week classes, discounts on other classes, and more.


Both Marcella and myself continue to offer Soul Level Astrology readings to help folks strip away layers of conditioning and get down to who they are. We'd love to have you join us.

Learn More about Tribal Drumbeat and consider joining us in the Fall of 2019!

Welcome, everyone old and new aboard the soul train! 

Mark & Marcella

College of Visionary and Wizard's

Certification Program 2018 - 2019

Class        Soul Level Astrology Chart Study Level 5 2019

                  Timing Cycles: Transits, Progressions & Dharmic Currents

                         weekly TeleClass plus optional in-person summer workshop         

The only new material we will study in Level 5 is timing cycles: Transits, Progressions and Dharmic Currents. Timing cycles distinguish chart reading from other oracular arts because they’re built in to the fundamental nature of astrology. This semester will advance your skill by filling in one of the most fundamental pieces. It will be helpful for you to get an ephemeris and astrology software. These are not mandatory but will give you more independence and deepen your skill. I recommend both the American Ephemeris for the 21st Century and the one for the 20st Century. I use Kepler software but this is more costly and professional than other brands which can be adequate for your studies.             

Dates            Tuesday Feb. 12, 2019 - Tuesday May 14, 2019

Time               11 am to 1 pm U.S. Eastern Time

Instructor   Mark Borax

Cost:              $695 until Jan 21, 2019/ $750 late registration.



Register for Level 5       Graduates may audit the entire course for $250.

Class      Soul Level Astrology Advanced Chart Study 2019

                 Uncovering the Deepest Layers of Your Chart Part 2

                  weekly TeleClass plus optional in-person summer workshop

Your hard aspects (squares, oppositions, quincunxes and septiles) identify the challenges your soul chose to tackle in this incarnation, that pave the way for your greatest breakthrough and growth. The brightness of your natal Sun and prenatal Sun and Venus offer a lasting peace to mitigate those challenges. This course will burrow down into the hidden layers of your chart, emphasizing its underlying structure, to help you rise to your challenges and live your essence. Through deepening study, instinct, intuition and applying Star Sparks to key degrees, we’ll decipher the story your soul came here to enact, and train you to uncover the deeper layers of birth charts.


Dates            Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2019- Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Time               11:30 am to 1 pm Eastern

Instructor   Mark Borax

Cost:             $500 until Jan 21, 2019/$565 late registration


Syllabus for Part 1