College of Visionaries & Wizards (CVW)

                   2017 - 2018 TeleClass & Curriculum Theme

                      Getting Down to the Core


  Celebrating our tenth year of mystery school

The 2017-18 curriculum here at Soul Level Astrology and CVW offers a variety of ways for you to join our growing circle of souls boarding the train to the living future. This year's theme is getting down to the core, which you can explore a number of ways:

1. Booking a soul session from Mark, Marcella or one of our graduate and undergraduate students

2. Joining our annual membership program Tribal Drumbeat, which has been completely revamped and expanded with many new offerings this year

3. Ordering one of the many CVW TeleClass recordings that take you on a soul-level tour to the core of the zodiac

4. Ordering Mark's books, 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future (a true-life odyssey through love, sex and astrology) and Cosmic Weather Report: Guidance for Radically Changing Times (a potent guide book to equip you to turn around the challenges of our times, written with Ellias Lonsdale.)


We invite you to join Tribal Drumbeat, our sizzling annual membership program, that now iincludes free attendance to Mark's monthly Soul of the Signs Teleclasses as well as many other soul-level offerings, listed below, that take you down to the core.  For $25 per month,   Tribal Drumbeat  offers easy access to this year's offerings, and introduces you to other revolutionary souls around the world interested in personal transformation and social change.

This year's program features Soul of the Signs   monthlyTeleclassess.

Mark and Marcella's private sessions are available by phone and in-person, for those who can make it to Vermont, or sit with Mark on his annual trips to northern California and other new locations.  Learn more about soul sessions.

Welcome, everyone old and new aboard the soul train! 

Mark & Marcella

2017-18 Tribal Drumbeat Annual Membership Program:

Soul of the Moment

We’re excited to launch a new year of Tribal Drumbeat -- our sizzling circle of spirit that connects like-minded souls around the planet and gets down to the core of transformation in these strange and mysterious times.

The program costs $25 per month (previous members can continue their current membership at the former price.CVW students qualify for special Student Discount rate of $15 per month.)


1) One free 60-minute private Soul Level Astrology Reading from one of our CVW graduates (Note: This benefit is not included in the special CVW student discount rate.)

Your reading can be scheduled any time during your membership year after your sixth month of participation, and requires a full year's membership to qualify.  Learn More

2)  Free Admission to this year's Soul of the Signs monthly hour-long TeleClass, conducted by Mark, assisted by Marcella, by phone on the 2nd Saturday of the month between September and June at 4:30 pm Eastern U.S. time. (Except for Virgo and Cancer, which are added in to the already-existing second-Saturday classes immediately prior to them.) Join Mark and Marcella as they cut through the superficial side of astrology and get down to the zodiac inside the zodiac.

3) Soul of the Moment Micro-Readings: Live 2 Tuesdays per month 1:30 pm EasternThis year we're launching an exciting new program where Mark updates his monthly cosmic weather reports twice a month by live video podcast where he will apply his soul-level insight into your personal birth chart. After, these videos will become available for public broadcast.

4.) Access to download, listen or keep last year's The Mythology of Astrology series. A 12-part tour of  hour-long excursions into the stories behind the stories of the zodiac. Once again Mark blends his characteristic mix of humor, depth-0f-insight, and spirituality in order to cut through superficial stereo types of the zodiac and get down to the core.

5.) Free Attendance to our monthly "Practitioner" calls held from 3:30 to 4:15 pm Eastern. These monthly calls give traditional and Soul Level Astrologers an opportunity to benefit from Mark's 25-year astrology practice. Bring questions that are arising from your astrology practice to this monthly Q &A call.

Sign up for your Tribal Drumbeat Membership for $25 a month. (If you're already a member, do nothing and your 2016-2017 membership will automatically transfer to this year. CVW students qualify for special Student Discount rate of $15 per month.)


2017-2018 Teleclass Offerings

Class     Soul of the Signs:

Dates                Second Saturdays of the month, September,  2018- June, 2019 

Time                 4:30 - 5:30 PM Eastern U.S. Time

Instructor       Mark Borax with Marcella Eversole

Cost                   $20 drop-in. $165 for the series

                            Free to Tribal Drumbeat members.


Follow the zodiac through the year, sign by sign, in Mark’s inimitable fashion, via monthly TeleClasses (free to Tribal Drumbeat members.) This year’s topic is the Soul of the Signs, where the master astrologer runs down the core of each sign during its own time of year. This view from the soul into the essence of astrology transcends traditional understandings of the zodiac and gets to the gold. This class assumes no prior knowledge of astrology and is open to all. Class recordings will be emailed to participants.

Register for the next The Soul of the Signs classes.

Register for the whole Series.


   Class is held by phone from 4:30 to 5:30 pm Eastern U.S. Time on second Saturdays (except September and June which include two classes each month.)


The Soul of Leo: Fulfilling Your Prenatal Vows

Saturday, September 15

The Soul of Virgo: Storming Heaven
       Saturday, September 29

     The Soul of Libra: Painting the World Awake
      Saturday, October 13

      The Soul of Scorpio: Conjuring A Love That Conquers Hate
      Saturday, November

      The Soul of  Sagittarius:
Riding the Wild Horses of Destiny
      Saturday, December 8


The Soul of Capricorn: Training Your X-Ray Vision
       Saturday, January 12

     The Soul of Aquarius:
Deciphering the Sentient Universe
      Saturday, February 9

     The Soul of Pisces: Squeezed by the Wine-Press of the Gods

      Saturday, March 9

      The Soul of  Aries:
Engage, Encounter, Connect
      Saturday, April 13

     The Soul of Taurus: Fostering a Sacred Abiding Love
     Saturday, May11

     The Soul of Gemini: Jump Into the Jet Stream of Your Imagination
     Saturday, June

     The Soul of   Cancer: Claiming Kinship with All Life
     Saturday, June


Dates                Six classes: 8/18, 8/25, 9/1, 9/8, 9/15, 9/22

Time                 Saturday 11 Am to 1 PM Eastern U.S. Time

Instructor       Marcella Eversole with Mark Borax

Cost                   $20 drop-in. $100 for the series

                            Free to Tribal Drumbeat members.

College of Visionary and Wizard's

Certification Program 2018 - 2019



Class        Soul Level Astrology Chart Study Level 4 2017

                  The Wild Side of Soul Level Astrology

                         weekly TeleClass plus optional in-person summer workshop         

Now that we’ve deepened your grasp of SLA (especially with the heavy lifting we did last time regarding chart shapes and key planets) we’re going to take a turn into the wild side of chartwork ~ those factors that add spice and relish to what you already know. We’re also going to review the asteroids, and end the semester by returning to the perennial subject of Moon Phases and Stars of Destiny Planets, to increase your understanding of characteristic ways you tend to get trapped and free, and to help you turn your karma into grace.              

Dates            Tuesday Sept. 18, 2018 - Tuesday Jan. 8, 2019

Time               11 am to 1 pm U.S. Eastern Time

Instructor   Mark Borax

Cost:              $695 until Sept 1, 2018/ $750 late registration.



Register for Level 4 $695      Graduates may audit the entire course for $250.

Class      Soul Level Astrology Advanced Chart Study 2018/19

                 Uncovering the Deepest Layers of Your Chart Part 1

                  weekly TeleClass plus optional in-person summer workshop

Your hard aspects (squares, oppositions, quincunxes and septiles) identify the challenges your soul chose to tackle in this incarnation, that pave the way for your greatest breakthrough and growth. The brightness of your natal Sun and prenatal Sun and Venus offer a lasting peace to mitigate those challenges. This course will burrow down into the hidden layers of your chart, emphasizing its underlying structure, to help you rise to your challenges and live your essence. Through deepening study, instinct, intuition and applying Star Sparks to key degrees, we’ll decipher the story your soul came here to enact, and train you to uncover the deeper layers of birth charts.


Dates            Wednesday, Sept 19, 2018- Wednesday, Dec 19, 2018

Time               11:30 am to 1 pm Eastern

Instructor   Mark Borax

Cost:             $500 until August 15/$565 late registration


Syllabus for Part 1

Register for Semester 1 by August 15, 2018 for $500  ($565 after)