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             Serving the Soul with New Structures


  Celebrating our tenth year of mystery school

The Tribal Drumbeat membership program is an offshoot and branch of the College of Visionaries & Wizards. It is open to anyone who wants to join an ongoing committed group of spiritual outlaws, participate in the class offerings and ongoing cosmic weather broadcasts that we produce apart from our three-year chart study certification program. And this year we have restructured Tribal Drumbeat to offer more benefits than ever, including complementary 30-minute readings from me, complimentary six-week classes, discounts on other classes, and more.

Our stellar previous graduate of the chart study program, Alejandra Sophia, is teaching a six-week course on Discovering Your Soul's Work beginning Thursday, September 27 and Marcella, another stellar graduate of CVW, has designed a new six-week Parenting for the Soul course beginning Saturday, Sept 29. Later that same Saturday, on the 29th, I'll launch a nine-month monthly course using student's charts, on Clearing Karma through the Birth Chart. These classes are open to the public. Soul's Work and Clearing Karma are free toTribal Drumbeat members, while Parenting is available at discount. Learn More about Tribal Drumbeat.

Both Marcella and myself continue to offer Soul Level Astrology readings to help turn karma into grace. As the first traces of autumn touch the forest here in southern Vermont, we invite you to live the life of the soul at this crazy changing time on planet earth and consider our offerings.

Learn More about Tribal Drumbeat and consider joining us this year.  Register $25 per month, or $300 for the year.

Welcome, everyone old and new aboard the soul train! 

Mark & Marcella

College of Visionary and Wizard's

Certification Program 2018 - 2019

Class        Soul Level Astrology Chart Study Level 4 2017

                  The Wild Side of Soul Level Astrology

                         weekly TeleClass plus optional in-person summer workshop         

Now that we’ve deepened your grasp of SLA (especially with the heavy lifting we did last time regarding chart shapes and key planets) we’re going to take a turn into the wild side of chartwork ~ those factors that add spice and relish to what you already know. We’re also going to review the asteroids, and end the semester by returning to the perennial subject of Moon Phases and Stars of Destiny Planets, to increase your understanding of characteristic ways you tend to get trapped and free, and to help you turn your karma into grace.              

Dates            Tuesday Sept. 18, 2018 - Tuesday Jan. 8, 2019

Time               11 am to 1 pm U.S. Eastern Time

Instructor   Mark Borax

Cost:              $695 until Sept 1, 2018/ $750 late registration.



Register for Level 4 $695      Graduates may audit the entire course for $250.

Class      Soul Level Astrology Advanced Chart Study 2018/19

                 Uncovering the Deepest Layers of Your Chart Part 1

                  weekly TeleClass plus optional in-person summer workshop

Your hard aspects (squares, oppositions, quincunxes and septiles) identify the challenges your soul chose to tackle in this incarnation, that pave the way for your greatest breakthrough and growth. The brightness of your natal Sun and prenatal Sun and Venus offer a lasting peace to mitigate those challenges. This course will burrow down into the hidden layers of your chart, emphasizing its underlying structure, to help you rise to your challenges and live your essence. Through deepening study, instinct, intuition and applying Star Sparks to key degrees, we’ll decipher the story your soul came here to enact, and train you to uncover the deeper layers of birth charts.


Dates            Wednesday, Sept 19, 2018- Wednesday, Dec 19, 2018

Time               11:30 am to 1 pm Eastern

Instructor   Mark Borax

Cost:             $500 until August 15/$565 late registration


Syllabus for Part 1

Register for Semester 1 by August 15, 2018 for $500  ($565 after)